Succcess Stories

Julieanna Dirks

Julieanne Dirks began CrossFit one year ago March 4th at the urging of fellow CrossFitting friends and maybe just a tad bit of alcohol influence! In that year Julie has made amazing gains and already pushed hader than even she thought possible! Dirks said “What most surprises me is ho
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Gilbert Still

Gilbert Still “The Pedigo’s and Jayne are the ones who got me started at RUK. They kept telling me about it but it still took me 5 months to make the commitment! I chose CrossFit because I was ready to get healthy and fit. The addiction part came because of the support from the RUK fa
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Brad Smith

For several years my doctor would always tell me that I should lose some weight and I would always say, “sure I agree”, then just go on with life.  In 2011 my world was changed when my wife was diagnosed with early Alzheimer’s disease.  After thinking back on my family’s history of he
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